Students look forward to having the mid-week dinner at #CebuBlueOceanAcademy as it allows them to have a micro travel experience because, for some, it might be their first time to taste a specific cuisine. For this week, let’s explore Japan by having a taste of Tempura.

Apart from Sushi and Ramen, Tempura is also one of the most popular dishes in Japan. It is a dish usually consisting of deep-fried battered seafood, meat, and vegetables. But, here’s the catch about Tempura-according to history, the Portuguese introduced Tempura in Nagasaki through fritter-cooking techniques in the 16th century.

On November 16, the kitchen staff served delicious Tempura like shrimp, sweet potato, and eggplant. They also served ramen, vegetable salad, fermented radish, glazed potato marbles, and tropical fruit platter.

Comes with academic excellence is proper nourishment, so at #CebuBlueOceanAcademy we make sure we serve delicious meals prepared by our skilled and passionate kitchen staff members. What are you waiting for? Explore Cebu, gain a remarkable learning experience, and of course, have a taste of #CebuBlueOceanAcademy’s special meals.