It’s always a good idea to hold a barbecue, kebab, or skewer day. Skewers are traditional tools in food preparation (particularly for grilling) and originated in the Middle East. It sets the mood for a good picnic day which everybody looks forward to having on a mid-week! We are sharing a glimpse of our skewer-themed dinner for our students!

Other meal choices like mixed vegetables, fried rice with shrimp and ramen were offered to students in case they want to try other dishes.

We also make make sure that everyone gets a healthy dessert from our mini-fruit platter.

Our weekly special dinner allows students to socialize while eating comfort food from a particular country. The other week we held Pasta Day for them. We wanted our students to give them a little taste of Italy where most of the popular pasta dishes originated.

Seafood cream pasta, tomato-based spaghetti, and penne pesto were served at the pasta-themed dinner. If you want to indulge in something creamy, you might want to try the seafood cream pasta. You will also never go wrong in choosing something classic like a tomato-based (red sauce) spaghetti topped with cheese. If you are health-conscious, the penne pesto pasta is perfect for your choice.


“Pasta” is derived from the Italian word for paste because chefs make standard pasta noodles from flour and water paste. Now, you know!  We hope you have enjoyed having a glimpse of our Pasta Day! *We can’t wait to share another trivia from our weekly themed dinner.