According to studies, one can burn 300-900 calories in one hour of mid to high-intensity Zumba, so we hold an outdoor Zumba session twice a month at #CebuBlueOceanAcademy, wherein we invite students and employees to participate. 

With the involvement of dance and aerobic movements performed to energetic music, students and employees blissfully participate and carefully listen to the instructions of the assigned Zumba instructors: Teacher Jane and Teacher Zy.

For students, this is an extension training of their listening comprehension skills. For everyone, this is absolutely a way of stress release as it involves positivity because they get to see everyone dancing with a smile. 

Fitness goals are achieved effortlessly and productively by regularly joining the session every other Thursday of the month.

 The Zumba session runs for 45 minutes. It has a 5-minute warm-up, 35-minute workout/Zumba proper and a cool a 5-minute cool down. All students and employees are invited to participate in the outdoor Zumba held twice a month. For students who like to make it part of their routine they may register for the Zumba option class.