Cebu Blue Ocean Academy has joined the global community in celebrating The World Teachers’ Day on the 5th of October.

In the momentous event, the teachers gathered in the front office to receive their positivity package with an appreciation message from the management.

A mini-stage was also set for the event speakers. The short program became a reminder that teachers are truly valued and appreciated for their hard work in delivering quality and world-class education for the students. Some students delivered an impromptu message to all teachers. Others gave presents for teachers dear to them. Most have posted love notes for their teachers in the designated area.

Recently, the post-training program for teachers was held in Cebu Blue Ocean Academy’s commitment to providing professional growth for teachers’ skills enhancement leading to methodology upgrades and flexibility in facilitating English language courses.

They underwent Listening Training, Teaching Methodologies, Grammar Enhancement, Teaching English for Young Learners, TOEIC Training, and American Accent Training/Speaking Training.

We are grateful to have dedicated teachers in shaping the minds of our English Language Learners. We believe in their potential in helping students achieve their education goals. The success of their students is a constant celebration of their dedicated craft and hard work . Happy World Teachers’ Day to all teachers!