About Blue Ocean
and Vision

Cebu Blue Ocean Academy’s simple vision is to continuously facilitate change and challenge in order establish an English education that will make our student’s career grow fast in this global world. Cebu Blue Ocean constantly strives to be the best because YOU matter to us.

How do we make Blue Ocean the best for our students?

Blue Ocean Vision

Proper and Functional English Education for Students

Learning the English language encompasses the culture that comes with it.

Cebu Blue Ocean Academy’s unique teaching methods will help English learners discover a new and exciting way to love the English language.

We will make sure to the best partner in your English journey!

Personality Growth Through Experiential Education

Expand your knowledge and understanding about people and culture through language.

Personality is one of the most important values in education.

Experiencing and understanding cultural diversity is vital.

We will give you the best environment to develop your personality.

Effective Communication with Others

Realize the importance of working together and communicating effectively.

Living together with people from different nationalities is not an easy thing to do.
Communicating and understanding each other is needed.

Let’s reach our goals together!

Preparing Students to be Globally Competitive

English opens new doors for students and helps them become effectual international leaders in the future.

Meet various people and experience cultural exposure.

Expand your insights about the world.

Become globally competitive and experienced.

Grab the opportunity to improve yourself.

Proportion of Nationalities

Other Nationalities