Business Course

The Business English Course provides students with various business simulations suitable for international employment. The student’s Business English skills are improved through practice of job application and promotion management.

It enhances and develops the students’ business English communication skills that would prepare them for a global organization or company set-up.


  • The Business English course is recommended to students who desire to develop practical communication skills for business functions, conferences and interviews.
  • Suggested program for students who desire familiarization to global etiquette required in international business environment.
  • Preparatory program for students who want to work in an international organization/company.
  • Recommended course for those who want to learn effective and efficient ways of interacting in an international business setting.

Class Composition

Five one-on-one classes
Two group classes
Three optional classes

Target Students

At least 15 years old who will pass the initial assessment interview of the academy.

Program Features

  • Promotes broader perspective and deeper business knowledge to students through business-related articles and activities that result in their fluency of the English business world.
  • Enhances the student’s skills in public speaking, business presentation and delivery.
  • Cultivates the student’s sense of reality through the discussion of business issues using role play.
  • Teaches essential business English vocabulary which is commonly used and found in a real business situation.
  • Helps students practice common job interview situations that they may face in the future.
  • If group classes are not available, a single one-on-one class will be provided instead of two group classes.
  • All optional classes cost 300 pesos except the monitored self-study optional class which is free of charge.