The IELTS program is designed to help students become more confident in taking the test. This course is intended for students who plan on entering universities abroad as well as for immigration purposes.

Learners are immersed in intensive training on speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills.


  • Recommended to individuals who are preparing to enter a university in country where the native language is English.
  • Suggested program for those who are preparing for major companies abroad.
  • Detailed program that helps students acquire required scores and language skills for immigration.
  • Perfect for students who want to learn advanced English vocabularies.
  • Suitable for those who are keen to communicate using English in a more eloquent and sophisticated approach

Class Composition

Five one-on-one classes

Two group classes

Three optional classes

Target Students

At least 15 years old of any level of proficiency

Program Features

  • Mock test schedule: A mock test is scheduled on the first day and every four weeks on a Thursday thereafter.
  • Students may review their mock test results with their IELTS teachers.
  • Students are provided with constant practice and correction by well-trained IELTS teachers.
  • If group classes are not available, a single one-on-one class will be provided instead of two group classes.
  • All optional classes cost 300 pesos except the monitored self-study optional class which is free of charge.