Light ESL

It is focused on skills that develop the learners’ listening, sentence construction using English patterns, reading fluency and speaking.

Improve your English proficiency through constant speaking, listening practice, studying common English sentence patterns and developing reading fluency.


  • Recommended to students who want to develop their English fluency with balanced and stress-free English learning.
  • Perfect for learners who are eager to enhance their conversational English skills.

Class Composition

Four one-on-one classes

Three optional classes

Target Students

At least above 15 years old/ All levels are accepted.

Program Features

  • At most 76 sessions of one-on-one classes are provided for a duration of four weeks.
  • All four classes are one-on-one, so group classes are not available in this course.
  • A maximum of 24 sessions of option classes for a two-week period.
  • All optional classes cost 300 pesos except the monitored self-study optional class.