Survival ESL

This curriculum is intended to teach students how to perform tasks in English and in the context of the English-speaking society.

This course is especially made for first-time English learners. The survival ESL course helps beginners overcome short-term English difficulties. It maximizes the learning experience of the student with the help of a specially designed curriculum. This curriculum focuses on speaking in everyday encounters.


  • The Survival ESL curriculum is designed for situations beyond classroom settings which entails students to go out and use the English language based on the student’s schedule on weekends.
  • It is suited for students who know little to no English and are having hesitations to speak the language.
  • Students will be facilitated and assisted by an assigned Survival English Teacher who will get the students to experience various situations that require the use of English expressions for work, school, and other day-to-day activities.
    It is designed to maximize the learning outcome through separate practice.

Class Composition

Four Sessions 1:1 classes
Two Sessions 4:1 classes
One Session Optional Class

Target Students

2-4 weeks Program Duration

At least 15 years old who have little to no English knowledge.

Program Features

1st week (Sat) Cebu City

– Students will experience booking their taxi through certain transportation booking apps , go for shopping, and ask for assistance in stores they will be visiting (ask for item price, size, exchange etc.).

3rd week (Sat) Sightseeing spots

– Students will experience interacting with foreigners by asking them about major attractions. They will also be listening to their explanations, and they might have the chance as well to ask more about locations and directions on how to reach a specific place.

  • If group classes are not available, a single one-on-one class will be provided instead of two group classes.