Immersing students to intensive training that improves their TOEIC reading and listening skills. This program prepares the students in reaching the necessary scores they need for employment abroad.

This course is composed of 1:1 and small group classes. Students are exposed to mock tests that are essential in improving their reading and listening skills.


  • Suggested program for those who are preparing to work in a foreign company.
  • Covers a detailed program that prepares students for advancement in the workplace.
  • Helps students to be more globally competitive as it serves as a big advantage in the international corporate world.
  • Recommended to those who wish to enhance their listening and English comprehension skills.

Class Composition

Five one-on-one classes

Two group classes

Three optional classes

Target Students

At least 15 years old of any level of proficiency

Program Features

  • Mock test schedule: A mock test is scheduled on the first day and every four weeks on a Thursday thereafter.
  • Students may review their mock test results with their TOEIC teachers.
  • If group classes are not available, a single one-on-one class will be provided instead of two group classes.
  • All optional classes cost 300 pesos except the monitored self-study optional class which is free of charge.