Option Classes

Cebu Blue Ocean Academy made sure that the learning process doesn’t only happen during the regular classes but also before and after. The school offers morning and evening option classes to maximize the time of the students enabling them to learn as much as they can during their stay in the academy.

17:10- 17:55 (all classes except voca classes)

18:45-19:30 (voca classes)

Listening Class 

  • Enhances listening skills through interesting topics and activities, and could also prepare them for TOEIC listening.
  • Trains students to practice dictation and develop comprehension skills with fun challenges.

Pop Music Listening Class

  • -Gives students opportunities to work on their four basic skills (Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing) while listening to fun music.

Eloquent Vocabs (L4↑)

  • Develops students’ basic English skills through Intermediate and advanced vocabulary that provides a broader choice of words for expressing themselves.

 Eloquent Vocabs (L1~L3)

  • Helps level 1-3 students to recall and utilize words eloquently through the class activities.

Reading Aloud

  • Aims to reduce students’ accents to sound more like native speakers and further enhance their confidence in reading aloud passages.

Speaking Class

  • Focuses on enhancing students’ oral communication and interpersonal skills for interaction.

Guitar Class 

  • Teaches students to playbasic guitar chords until they can play various songs within the program duration.

Zumba Class

  • Involves dance and aerobic movements performed to energetic music.

Monitored Self Study 

  • Serves as a self-review hour while being monitored by a teacher from whom students may openly ask for clarifications.

Diary and Vocabulary option class (juniors)

  • Aims for students to learn creative and strategic writing methods with provided topics and vocabulary sets.
  • Encourages students to reach a specific number of words while being monitored by a teacher throughout their diary writing.